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Bamboo Plate Swing

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A swing with lots to chew!
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For the ambitious chewers and shredders!!

A bamboo plate is dangled on 3 strands of 4mm plastic chain, onto which palm finger traps, bamboo balls, balsa, yucca, and vine stars are tied with leather lacing. In between each chewable, random tiny plastic trinkets with various textures are waiting to be found, including ripple beds, small star beads, textured rings, candy beads, and wavy beads. At the top, the strands connect to a plastic "waffle" to keep them from twisting onto each other. 

Measures approx 17" tall and 10" wide at the base. Due to the weight, this toy cannot ship first class and will ship Priority Mail. 

This toy takes over $25 in materials and an hour of my time to make. Because of the amount of materials and time that goes into these toys, this toy could add an additional 3 days to your ship time.

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