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A giant bundle of balsa, yucca, and cork
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Does your bird buzz through toys like it's their job? Looking to entertain a whole flock at once? You might need a Bonanza!

Boasting almost 100 combined pieces of cork, balsa, yucca, and 1/8" thin pine, along with 10mm wood beads for snapping fun, and foraging opportunities with plant fiber cups, cardboard bagel tubes, and palm chews, this toy is sure to keep even the most industrious delicate chewer happy!

Strung on leather lace, with a plastic disk and nickel plated quick link. 

Measures a dense 12" by 9", and weighs almost a full pound! Because of the weight, this item will automatically ship Priority Mail. 

Due to the size, this toy may take a little extra time to prepare for your order. 

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