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Bountiful Buffet

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A sampler toy to welcome home a new bird!
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Do you have a new bird on the way, or a bird you simply haven't been able to figure out what they like? Or perhaps you have a bird that simply loves a little bit of everything?

This toy is a great way to find out what your bird likes!

 Makes a great gift too when you don't know what the bird likes!

Available in pink, blue, or multicolor color themed. 

Starting with a vine base, this toy a buffet of items for your bird to sample! Included are:

1/4" Pine
1/8" Pine
1" Balsa Cube
Wood beads from 4mm to 10mm in size
Mini Popsicle Stick
Plastic Sea Creature
Cane Twist
Cork Stopper
Plastic Chain
Plastic Charm Links
Paper Straw
Cupcake Liner
Wheatgrass Plate
Mahogany Pod
Textured Beads and Rings
Paper Ball
Cardboard Bagel
Seagrass Rope
Cottonwood Coin
Palm Shredder
Strung with Poly Rope, Paper Rope, and Hemp Rope.

Measures about  6.5" x 4". 

Optional Hardware Info:
Pear Link: 1-1/2 inch length, 3/4 in wide with 1/2 in opening.
Oval Link: 1-7/16 inch length, 11/16 in wide with 1/4 in opening.

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