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A feathery toy for preening!
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A great way to distract your bird from feather destructive behavior!

This toy is made with 20 bleached goose feathers, most of which are adorned with paper and plastic straws and wood beads. The smaller plastic straws resemble keratin sheaths that pluckers tend to love to mess with! All glued into a hardwood candle cup with Elmer's white glue. I chose this glue because even though it is out of the way, even your bird DOES manage to get into it, it is safe, non-toxic, and breaks down when wet. 

You can also get this toy made with just the feathers if you prefer. 

Measures about 8"

I will not ship this toy until it has had a chance to dry for 2-3 days. 

Colors of beads and straws will vary, and the arrangement of feathers may differ toy to toy just because of the natural nature of feathers combined with gravity and how the glue settles. 

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