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Grapefruit Lite

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Plastic cage mounted foraging toy for small birds
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A slice of foraging fun!

This plastic toy has 7 doors to open up. They have a small tab on the edge that makes it a little easier to get it open, making this a medium difficulty toy. 

Designed to mount to the side of the cage, this toy comes with a 1/4" thick, 1.5" long machine bolt, two 1.5" washers, and a wingnut, all made of bird safe stainless steel. 

Overall Diameter is 3". Each well is approx 3/8" closest to the center, 1.25" at the edge, 1" front to back, and 0.5" deep. 

This item is similar to our other Grapefruit toy but is a little smaller, made of a light duty plastic with less durable hinges, and is being sold at a lower price point because of these differences. It also may not last as long as the other one with more destructive birds.

Due to issues sourcing these at an affordable cost, I am discontinuing this product. 

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