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Plastic cage mounted foraging toy for small birds
Part Number: Toy41
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A slice of foraging fun!

This plastic toy has 7 doors to open up. They have a small tab on the edge that makes it a little easier to get it open, making this a medium difficulty toy. 

Designed to mount to the side of the cage, this toy comes with a 1/4" thick, 1.5" long machine bolt, two 1.5" washers, and a wingnut, all made of bird safe stainless steel. 

Overall Diameter is 3.5". Each well is approx 0.5" closest to the center, 1.5" at the edge, 1" between, and 0.5" deep.

I get colors randomly; I can't buy specific colors unfortunately. Sometimes these come with a solid white back and sometimes it is clear. 

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