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Intro to Foraging Part 2

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An easy foraging toy for birds or small animals
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A step up from Intro to Foraging

Plant fiber 2 oz mini cups are still open, but not transparent, so they have to investigate more to see what is inside. Jumbo beads make it colorful and enticing to check out! All strung on poly rope or leather lacing.

To use: just hang in cage and add your bird's favorite treat! We love pieces of millet, pumpkin seeds, and nutriberries around here!

Colors and pattern will vary. 

Great for any small to medium bird!

Measures about 8" x 2"

Optional Hardware Info:
Nickel Plated Pear Link: 1-1/2 inch length, 3/4 in wide with 1/2 in opening.
Nickel Plated Oval Link: 1-7/16 inch length, 11/16 in wide with 1/4 in opening.

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