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Lazy Monster Sampler

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A way to test your lazy monster's preferences!
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Is your bird not a big chewer? Doesn't really play with toys much? Give them this to try!

Featuring some of our most popular easy chews, including paper, vine, balsa, yucca, mahogany, cork, 1/8" pine, palm, seagrass, and sola, we think your bird will find something to love here! Strung on vegetable tanned leather lace. 

Measures about 6.5" x 2.5"

Also great for small animals to find out what they like to chew! The pine is kiln dried but if you would prefer to have it omitted, please let me know in the comments at checkout!

Optional Hardware Info:
Nickel Plated Pear Link: 1-1/2 inch length, 3/4 in wide with 1/2 in opening.
Nickel Plated Oval Link: 1-7/16 inch length, 11/16 in wide with 1/4 in opening.

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