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Skewer Filler Toy
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A simple skewer from balsa, wood beads, and 1/8" thin pine, strung on paper rope.

Colors will vary.

Measures about 4.5" wide and 1.5" tall.

Can be used on a skewer for small to medium birds, or as a foot/toss toy for larger birds and small animals. 

These feature a small loop in the center of the toy from which you can slide a skewer. Or, you can stick a quick link in it, and turn this into a tiny hanging toy.

Or, give it to a big bird as a foot toy, or a small animal as a chew toy!

What's a skewer filler? A skewer filler is a mini toy that is designed so that it can be simply strung onto a stainless steel skewer to create a full toy. It lets you customize an entire toy for your bird! 

You can read more at my blog.

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