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Balsa, yucca, sola, and shred paper
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A great toy for the Lil' Monster who loves to chew and shred!

Amongst crinkle paper hides balsa cubes, yucca slices, and sola chips! All are super soft woods that don't require any "chipping" as they shred easily! Pony beads add color and make it easier to get to the woods they crave! All strung on poly rope. 

Great for the smallest of the small, like linnies and parrotlets, or for shred loving cockatiels and conures, all the way up to medium birds like pionus who like an easier toy. 

Measures about 8" x 4"

Colors will vary.

Optional Hardware Info:
Nickel Plated Pear Link: 1-1/2 inch length, 3/4 in wide with 1/2 in opening.
Nickel Plated Oval Link: 1-7/16 inch length, 11/16 in wide with 1/4 in opening.

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