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Sola, cork, and mahogany pod toy
Part Number: Toy30
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Please note: I am currently out of the Sola Beads used in some toys. The supplier has been out for months and I am eagerly awaiting the ability to purchase more. Unfortunately, I do not have an ETA as to when this will occur. 

Softie is made of 2 cork stoppers and part of a mahogany pod in the center on leather lace, then adorned with sola coins and beads bursting out on paper rope! Great for delicate chewers - my rats love the one too!

Measures about 8" long and 5" wide. Please note that as these are all natural materials, there will be variations between the parts. 

Optional Hardware Info:

Nickel Plated Pear Link: 1-1/2 inch length, 3/4 in wide with 1/2 in opening.
Nickel Plated Oval Link: 1-7/16 inch length, 11/16 in wide with 1/4 in opening.

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