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Sunken Treasure

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A foraging toy with a hidden treasure inside!
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A cute little sunken treasure chest complete with working clasp!

Made from a glue-free kraft paper treasure chest, this box is adorned with vine starfish, mini acrylic fish and shell beads, wood bead "barnacles", and shred paper "seaweed." Features plastic ring handles and clasp so you can close it for a harder challenge! All tied with paper rope and hemp strings. 

Open it up and a strand of sola and wood bead bubbles pops out before you see the tangled net foot toy treasure inside, and lined with yellow cellulose. 

Can be given as is, or I can add a rope to the back of the chest so it can be tied to the side of the cage for a small extra fee. 

Great for foraging or just for storing foot toys!

Measures about 3.5" wide by 2.5" tall. 

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