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Since I have lost my own bird to a devastating toy accident, I try to be very diligent in all aspects of toy making, from the materials used to the way they are used. That being said, every bird plays different, and it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that the things you give to your bird are safe. If you have any questions about any aspect of my toys, please send me a message. Safety trumps a sale any day!

Most of my parts come from reputable companies that deal with safe bird toy materials such as California Bird Nerds. This increases my costs a little, but it helps ensure that the items are safe.  


I only use nickel plated or Stainless steel metals in my toys. These are the only metals considered safe for toys. If I ever question the safety of a metal, I test a sample with Muriatic acid to ensure it is zinc free. The sample item I use to test is never sold to you. 


I currently use paper rope, bird safe superior poly rope, rex lace, untreated hemp strings, coconut rope, and vegetable tanned leather lacing.


Pine: Sourced from USA, Canada or Sweden, untreated

Balsa: Sourced from a supplier that does not fumigate the wood upon entry into the US. 

Beads and Hardwood Shapes: made from untreated birch or maple

Willow, Cottonwood, and Maple: Sourced from USA, untreated

Yucca: Wesco Pet Bird Kabobs 


I use nothing with paint. All woods are dyed with Vitacritter dye except for the light blue. Light blue woods are dyed with Wilton's food coloring. 

Black drawn lines are done with a Wilton Food Coloring Pen.