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Waste Knots (Small)

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Random shaped pine pieces with or without beads
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These pine shapes are what's left over from the pine shapes I cut - nothing goes to waste when there are birds involved! They are 3/4" thick and will be random shapes. May have blade marks on the sides. These are NOT DYED. 

You can select the following sizes, which will be approximate:

Small - Up to 2" in length, with space for 1-3 beads depending on the size of the pieces
Medium - About 2" to 4" in length, with space for 3-6 beads, depending on the size of the pieces
Large - About 4" to 6" in length, with space for 5+ beads

Give as a foot toy, or you can add a 1/4" hole for stringing up or putting on a skewer. You can also have holes drilled for foraging, or have the holes filled with 8mm beads or balls!

Great for the pine fiend in your home!

Price includes one piece of wood. 

Note: Some birds with long, thin beaks may get their beak inside the 7/64" (~2.78mm) hole on the 8mm beads. For these birds we recommend the 3/8" balls as they have no hole. This makes them also a harder wood to snap than the beads. 

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