On my (admittedly long) list of things I could not imagine keeping parrots without, a good basket full of foot toys and some treats is high up. It’s so simple, so easy, so cheap, and it keeps them happy and blissfully quiet. It’s also a fantastic way to use those toy parts that have been skillfully removed from their hanging counterparts. What’s not to love? 

Things You Will Need:

– 1 Basket (Dollar Store – $1)
– Various Foot Toys/Toy Parts (Costs range based on what you are using!)
– Crinkle Paper (Dollar Store – about $0.25 worth)
– Seed or other treat (varies)

Total Cost: Anywhere from $2 on up! Mine has about $5 worth of materials in it.
Total Time: Mere Moments

Step 1: Clean your basket and add a small layer of seed, pellets, etc. You can skip this step if you do not want to make this a foraging opportunity for your bird.

Step 2: Toss in some foot toys, toy parts, etc. Anything goes!

Step 3: Add in crinkle paper!

Step 4: Add Parrots!


Step 5: Enjoy the serenity and joy brought on by having your birds entertained!

I have found that my Quakers and Green Cheek were definitely more interested in this than my Hahns and Jardine's, but I have seen this style of toy enjoyed by many birds ranging from cockatiels, conures, budgies, and more! 

Other variation I have also done:

- Use a shallow cardboard box (like the kind canned veggies come on)
- Use a glass baking dish
- Do a smaller version inside the cage that clips to the side
- Use a paper pulp egg carton and put the seeds inside the cups, and then cover with foot toys and shred paper