Forage/Foot Toy Basket
On my (admittedly long) list of things I could not imagine keeping parrots without, a good basket full of foot toys and some treats is high up. It’s so simple, so easy, so cheap, and it keeps them happy and blissfully quiet. It’s also a fantastic way to use those toy parts that have been skillfully removed from their hanging counterparts. What’s not to love? 

Things You Will Need:

– 1 Basket (Dollar Store – $1)
– Various Foot Toys/Toy Parts (Costs range based on what you are using!)
– Crinkle Paper (Dollar Store – about $0.25 worth)
– Seed or other treat (varies)

Total Cost: Anywhere from $2 on up! Mine has about $5 worth of materials in it.
Total Time: Mere Moments

Step 1: Clean your basket and add a small layer of seed, pellets, etc. You can skip this step if you do not want to make this a foraging opportunity for your bird.

Step 2: Toss in some foot toys, toy parts, etc. Anything goes!

Step 3: Add in crinkle paper!

Step 4: Add Parrots!


Step 5: Enjoy the serenity and joy brought on by having your birds entertained!

I have found that my Quakers and Green Cheek were definitely more interested in this than my Hahns and Jardine's, but I have seen this style of toy enjoyed by many birds ranging from cockatiels, conures, budgies, and more! 

Other variation I have also done:

- Use a shallow cardboard box (like the kind canned veggies come on)
- Use a glass baking dish
- Do a smaller version inside the cage that clips to the side
- Use a paper pulp egg carton and put the seeds inside the cups, and then cover with foot toys and shred paper



Date 10/8/2020

Hello, I find your blog really helpful. I've tried making a basket for my cockatiel and he was more scared of it than interested. Do you think the basket is something they should be able to perch on or stand in or just bend their head in to forage? Thanks!

Shawna Theobald

Date 10/8/2020 12:11:09 PM

I'm glad it has been helpful! It really depends on the bird so you may need to experiment to find out which is best for yours. Cockatiels are natural ground foragers so may appreciate a very shallow box or basket (think of the kind canned food is stacked in at the supermarket) as opposed to a one they would actually crawl inside of. Some birds are just afraid of new things and may take some time to take to anything new introduced into their space. For those types of birds I usually leave the item within view but not in their area so they can get used to it and then slowly move it closer over the course of weeks.

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