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A plastic jingle skewer filler
Part Number: jingle-sf
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This skewer filler will add some jingle to your skewer!

Made with a plastic chain base adorned with rings and textured beads attached by mini charm links. 

 Measures about 6" wide x 1". Colors will vary. 

The middle chain link is empty so you can slide this on a skewer. Or, you can use a quick link and hang this as a tiny toy! Also can be used as a foot toy!

What's a skewer filler? A skewer filler is a mini toy that is designed so that it can be simply strung onto a stainless steel skewer to create a full toy. It lets you customize an entire toy for your bird! You can see an example of a Twister Skewer filled up with skewer fillers in the photos!

You can read more at my blog.

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