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A harvest toy with a treat!
Part Number: maize-fall20
Availability: Available through November 15th

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With a corn cob center, this toy is full of balsa, cork, mahogany pods, corn husk puffs, vine, palm and a special treat - Ceylon cinnamon sticks!

Ceylon cinnamon is considered "true cinnamon" and is a safe option for our parrots. It is very low in Coumarin, a potentially dangerous component in other commercial varieties of cinnamon. As everything is made to order, the sticks are stored in their packaging until it is time to make and send out your toy to keep it fresh!

If you prefer to have no cinnamon sticks, they will be replaced with more mahogany pod slices instead. For small animals, I recommend skipping the cinnamon as I get conflicting information about its safety for them!

Exact colors will vary. Measures about 9" tall

Available through November 15th or while supplies last. 

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