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Pinks/Purples with Pine Cake and Wood Beads
Pinks/Purples with Pine Cake and Wood Beads

Party Tray

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A birthday party on a plate!
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A birthday party tray with lots of goodies to sample!

A tray made up of a seagrass mat features a central cupcake with a paper straw candle is dotted with balsa and wood bead sprinkles. A yucca cheesecake, a cork bark brownie, and your choice of a  a pine or balsa layered cake is topped with a mahogany frosting! Finally, a cup with lid gives you the perfect place to put your own treat to really make their day! Also features cupcake papers, vine ball, and more beads! Strung on paper rope. 

You can also choose to have plastic pony beads or wood beads dangling from the corners.

Measures about 6" wide by 5" tall

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