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Saturday Night

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Cork, Pine, and Beads!
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Wine, jewelry, and chips - sounds like a good Saturday Night to me!

Made with corks, 10mm wood beads, and ~1/8" pine slats on paper rope. 0

Available in two sizes (full size pictured):

The Half Size sports 2 strands of toys, including 18 pieces of pine, 6 pieces of cork, and 24 beads!

The Full Size has 4 legs of rope, adorned with 36 pieces of 1/8" pine, 12 pieces of cork, and all separated to tantalize the beak with 48 beads!

Great for small chippers who don't mind bigger toys, or for larger birds who prefer their toys not be a challenge. 

Measures about 7 inches tall by 5 inches wide

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