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Teeny Talon Toys - Foot Toy Grab Bag

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A random assortment of foot toys
Part Number: FTGB
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Recurring Order

Would you like to have this product automatically shipped to you?

Let us choose some foot toys for you, at a 10% savings over buying them individually!

You will receive a random assortment of foot toys for your birds. Might be toys currently in our shop or ones we haven't released yet! These will generally be selected from the $1.49 foot toy options, but sometimes may include a random upgrade to a "premium" toy!

Great for any bird that likes to use their feet, including conures, cockatiels, quakers, budgies, caiques, parakeets, and more!

This can also be used for small animals! 

Colors, size, materials, and selection will vary.

I ask to know your bird species simply to make sure the random toys are suitable for your bird for safety reasons.

Want a monthly shipment of foot toys? Just choose 30, 60, or 90 days from the drop down! 

PLEASE - if your bird has specific things they CANNOT have (ie, some birds don't do well well certain ropes or materials), let me know!

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