Some more timid birds may need to start with smaller, less intricate toys to get them ready to play with toys. Here are some of the toys I've heard from customers were well received by their parrots that "never play with toys". These suggestions are mainly aimed at smaller birds like parrotlets, cockatiels, conures, and budgies, but may apply to other species too if they are really fearful!

With a simple linear design, this toy is a good introduction because every piece on it is a different texture or material to explore! This can help you figure out what things your bird enjoys based on what they go for first and what they leave behind! 

Made with just the softest materials in the shop - balsa and sola - Buggy can help give your bird the confidence to play with other toys because it is fun and easy to destroy!

A bit more fleshed out, this toy also has lots of textures that smaller birds really seem to enjoy! While it is a bit more filled out than other toys on this list, the compact size still makes it less intimidating than some larger toys. 

Simply made with super thin pine and balsa blocks, Hugh is a favorite because each piece is separated out from each other. For some birds, this separation is key to them trying out something new!

Maybe your bird isn't intro destroying things but likes to beak and manipulate stuff? Fidget has a variety of plastic pieces that can move and is small enough to be a little less scary!

This toy is a simple introduction to foraging, just like it says! Made with open cups and colorful beads, it is easy for you to fill and for them to eat from. 

Another simple foraging toy, this one has a lid that you can leave loose or tighten, depending on what your bird prefers!

If you aren't sure what your bird is into, but they like to pick stuff up with their beak and/or feet, then a Foot Toy Grab Bag might be perfect for you! Get a mix of textures, colors, and materials to try out with your bird. Foot toys are great because they are something you can keep nearby to help distract or encourage solo play while they hang out with you. 

Too many choices? Still can't decide? Let me choose for you! A Bongo Box  is a mystery box that you can get as a one time purchase or as a subscription. 



Date 6/1/2020

This is really helpful and well thought out, thank you! I would like my timid parrotlet to branch out beyond toys with paper shreds. I hope to make an order soon.

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