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Bongo Box and Autoship!

What is a Bongo Box? This is a Mystery or Surprise box named after Bongo (our adorable Lil Monster mascot) that is customized for your bird(s) likes and dislikes! It is available as a one time purchase anytime you want a random box of toys delivered, or you can subscribe every 30, 60, or 90 days so you never run out of toys! You can choose your types of toys too - so if you want just a subscription for Balsa Dinos - you can do that! Prices start at just $15 + shipping, which means this is available Worldwide!

To sign up, go to the Bongo Box item listing and choose your frequency before adding to your cart. 

Looking for Teeny Talon Toys? You can now either sign up for the Bongo Box and include foot toys as part of it, or you can simply subscribe to it separately here

Autoship is also now available for almost every toy on the website, so if you have some flock favorites you want automatically sent out, you can make your own custom recurring order! 

The system will send you an email 10 days before your order is scheduled to be billed. You have up until 3 days before being billed to change, update, or add items. Orders will ship out based on current processing times (usually 5 to 7 days) from when your payment clears.  

Need to skip a shipment, update your payment method, or cancel? No problem! Please check this guide!

If a toy is released before your next autoship date, and it isn't available to add to your order through your customer dashboard (for example, seasonal toys) feel free to send me a message or email and I will be happy to manually add it to your next order so that you get it billed with your autoship!

For the amount of toys, it will really depend on your selections. I wanted to make sure that these were as customizable as possible, so putting a set number of toys per tier doesn't work for all birds unfortunately. For instance the dinosaur toys are $15 a piece so if someone wants those and chooses $15 a month, then they will get 1 toy, but if they are more into balsa, yucca, etc, then that $15 might be 2 toys and some foot toys. The budget basically I use that as money to go "shopping" in my own store for your bird to maximize those funds as much as possible. I am a bargain shopper myself and like to  make sure I am getting my money's worth - and that extends to the toy boxes too! 

PLEASE NOTE: My specialty is smaller birds, but I do try to accommodate birds of all sizes. The more information I receive, the more I can tailor the box to the likes and dislikes of your flock. 

I only send items based on what information I am provided. If you provide me with limited information about what your bird likes or dislikes, I will try to cover as many bases as possible to find a toy your bird likes. Since birds are so unique with what they like, telling me species alone does not provide enough information. I have large bird customers that love shredding balsa, and small bird customers that like hardwoods. The more information I am given, the better I am able to provide a box your bird or flock will enjoy. 

If you have specific toys you would like every month, please use the autoship function instead on the items in question. This will allow you to get exactly what you want every month instead of the surprise box. 

Box values are always minimally your budget and often more than that. Prices are based on current LilMonstersBirdToys.com prices. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Bongo Boxes, please contact me before ordering. I do not provide refunds for Bongo Boxes, and I do not accept returns for the safety of my own bird as well as that of my customers. 

Hanging toys is basically a "catch all" for any type of toy that hangs and can be destroyed. 
Examples: Koopa and Bella

Foraging Toys are toys that are ideal for hiding a treat inside. 

Foot Toys are toys meant to be played with on the ground, or put in a bowl, etc. They don't attach to the cage at all. Lots of birds like to play with their feet and these encourage that natural behavior.

Seasonal would be any toys that are usually holiday or season themed. I do toys for Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, Easter, etc. These are only available for the relevant months. 

Ugly Ducklings are budget toys priced $10 and under that are made up of the "less pretty" but still functional toy parts I sometimes end up with. They say "as available" as they get made as a "byproduct" or me messing up something else usually! https://www.lilmonstersbirdtoys.com/ugly-ducklings

Waste Knots come in Pine and Balsa and are the leftovers from cutting shapes. 

Sidemount Toys are ones that Tie to the side of the cage or bolt on with stainless steel hardware. Examples: Daisy, Sunken Treasure

Dinosaurs are shapes made from pine or balsa and then embedded with beads, cork and/or millet 

Skewer Fillers are smaller toys that are designed to fit perfectly onto a stainless steel skewer to make up your own toy. They are also good as standalone toys for larger birds to use as foot toys, or for small shy birds. 

Toy Parts are simply that; parts of toys, not made up into a toy, but that you could use as foot toys, or to make your own toys.

Critter Toys are toys for small animals like rabbits, rats, and hamsters

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] or through the form below!